African Boerboel Breeding

Boerboel females go into heat twice a year though it’s not uncommon to skip a heat now and again with heat cycles lasting up to 3 weeks every 6-9 months. After breeding and once puppies have been conceived there is a period of 60-64 days before the puppies are born in litters of 4-10. Like most puppies, provided the mother doesn’t have maternal aggression, they can be handled within the first day of birth and should be handled daily. With such a strong minded and large breed getting them used to being handled all over, tolerating their mouth being handled and general fussing is very important. At 3-4 weeks of age they should be weaned and able to be adopted out or purchased at 6-8 weeks.

Boerboel Coat & Color

The coat is short, dense, smooth and shiny. The skin is thick and loose but fits smoothly. Skin is well pigmented. The recognized colors / patterns are with or without a mask; however, the black mask is desirable. All shades of brown, red or fawn with limited clear white patches on the legs and the fore chest is permissible. Brindle in any color is acceptable. Piebald, a white dog, with colored markings, total area of white may not exceed 33% or is disqualified, ticking or spots within the white to be disqualified. The Boerboel is well pigmented, especially on the lips, palate, the skin and hair around the eyes, nose leather, paw pads, toenails, the anus and the skin and hair around the g

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