Grooming the African Boerboel

Grooming The short, dense and thick coat of the African Boerboel is easy to care for. They can be groomed once or twice a week using a heavy pin brush or stiff bristle brush. Regular grooming both removes dead hair from the coat as well as massages the skin, allowing for increased circulation. The coat can also be groomed using a grooming mitt that is easy for even kids to use to help with the grooming routine. During the grooming routine the African Boerboel should be carefully checked for any signs of fleas or ticks should they be present in the area. Fleas are often first noted by small, dried blood flecks in the coat next to the skin that are known as "flea dirt". The owner may also

Training Boerboels

The South African Boerboels are born with the natural instinct to guard and dominate or be the leader of the pack. The Boerboel is only reacting to things out of a natural reaction to what it sees and with just a little work and training can be taught to react or not to react in certain ways with ease. I am speaking from experience here because of my experience with working with several other breeds of dog and with a few Boerboels including our Boerboels. A South African Boerboel (male or female) is born knowing right from wrong only not the way we see things. This makes it very important to socialize your Boerboel if you want your him or her to be more of a house and play dog than a guar

Black Boerboel

The quality of the black Boerboel compares very favorably with the rest of the Boerboel population. Because the black dogs are almost still farm dogs, they tend to look more like the working dogs of 20 years ago. That usually means a more athletic dog slightly higher on the leg and less muscled than the present day high scoring Boerboel. The overwhelming advantage of the black dog is of course the fact that you could not see him at night. The advantage of the great fear that some people have of black dogs was mentioned as well. In the African sun, pigmentation is very important. Breeders are always trying to improve the skin pigmentation of their dogs to prevent sunburn on the nose etc. In

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