Black Boerboels

The Black Boerboel By Lukas van Vuuren. (This article was written +-2003. Since then the Black Boerboel was accepted and the numbers of black Boerboels have now increased to the point where the danger of losing the black dog is no more a threat. Recently there were a few people that did their best to spread lies and sow mistrust in the black dog and the black dog breeders. Fortunately DNA tests, scientific facts and common sence prevailed and the acceptance and popularity of the black Boerboel increased.Thank you to everyone that did their part to assure the future of this colour for the Boerboel breed. I also want to use this opportunity to discourage people to breed black dogs just for the

Boerboel Appearance

Coat and Color The Boerboel has a short, smooth coat that is shiny and dense. Like other Mastiff-type dogs, the skin of this breed is thick and somewhat loose, but it should not hang in folds or be excessively wrinkly. Boerboels have quite a bit of dark skin pigmentation, especially on their lips, inside the mouth (palate; gums), around the eyes and on the nose, paw pads, toenails, anus and genitals. Red, fawn and all shades of brown are common coat colors for this breed. They also come in brindle, piebald (white with colored markings, with white not to cover more than 33% of the body) and Irish marked (white on up to 30% of the body, with colored socks, neck collar and facial blaze). Small

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