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Why DNA is so important?

DNA can help to identify parentage and can also tell us what dog breed markers are found in a dog. DNA can also help to identify different diseases with in our breed. Each purebred dog has its own set of unique design and within these designs breed specific diseases can be found. Parentage and disease are 2 very important reasons to have DNA done. As always with in a breed there are people who will want to take advantage of the breed and do cross breeding. DNA helps to identify this and for the South African Boerboels it will help to keep this kind of action to a minimum. We can identify parentage to see if a dog is truly out of the parents claimed to have been bred in which the parents must also be DNA tested. This will prevent cross-breeding puppies/dogs from being sold as pure breed South African Boerboels. Will also prevent selling of Boerboels whose parents are not of the puppy/dog.

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