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The South African Boerboel

The South African Boerboel is a massive dog and he consumes a lot of food. It is essential that he is fed a diet of high-quality, dry dog food. Dry food will help prevent potential dental health problems such as tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. A strong and impressive dog, the Boerboel is protective and loyal to his family. Those in his “pack” can expect this brave dog to lay down his life for them, if the need arises. A vigilant and mighty breed, the Boerboel can be an awesome guard or watchdog as well as a trusted and loving companion. With his well-muscled body and typical Mastiff style good looks, the Boerboel is athletic and needs room to run in a secure area. Fetch is one of his favorite pastimes but beware, toys don’t last long with this breed. The Boerboel’s jaws are tremendously strong and can rip apart the strongest of toys. He can be affectionate and loving toward his family, provided that the Boerboel understands his place in the “pack. Training and socialization is needed to live a happy life with a Boerboel.

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